David J. Kearney

April 5, 2012

ACEDS Amazes

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The Association of Electronic Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) held its second annual Conference & Exhibition April 2 – 4, 2012.  The conference included over 20 exhibitors, that partner with organizations and provide services related to electronic discovery, and 20 panel discussions led by legal and technology experts from various industries in the field of electronic discovery .  The Conference & Exhibition was also a great networking event to help unify those that are working through e-Discovery questions, issues, and items.  Although I don’t have exact numbers, attendees to this event had to have been near 1,000 and included individuals from technology companies, law firms, corporate organizations, and court systems.  In my opinion, the ACEDS Conference & Exhibition was a phenomenal event and an organization like ACEDS has been much-needed for quite some time.

As Charles Intriago, President and Co-Founder of ACEDS, mentioned during the conference, the e-discovery industry is just “4 inches deep into a 10 foot pond”.  Charles and the entire ACEDS organization appear to be genuinely interested in and very passionate about e-Discovery and in helping organizations and the e-Discovery industry advance.  
Additionally, a Certified e-Discovery Specialist Examination Preparation Seminar was held on April 1.  The Certified e-Discovery Specialist Examination Preparation Seminar was an excellent seminar built to prepare CEDS aspirants to take the ACEDS Certified e-Discovery Specialist exam.  The CEDS exam is the first of its kind and will, without a doubt, become a standard to establish a baseline of knowledge and experience that and individual needs to demonstrate in the area of e-Discovery.  
Although I could not possibly speak to every participant at the ACEDS Conference & Exhibition, I did not hear one major criticism of the event.  The attendees of the Conference & Exhibition all seemed very impressed and exited to be a part of such a great event.  The ACEDS staff and panel participants were all very helpful and approachable during the event and panel discussions.
I found the Conference & Exhibition and the Examination Preparation Seminar to be expertly organized and orchestrated.  I recommend that anyone involved in e-Discovery look at ACEDS as an expert source and an organization to become a part of.
Learn more about The Association of e-Discovery Specialists at www.aceds.org

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