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January 24, 2012

PMP “Marathon” Completed

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After many hours of study, I successfully completed the PMP exam.  I have heard many questions from PMP aspirants (including from my younger self) regarding costs, classes, time, and other resources that are needed (obviously, after meeting PMI’s experience and application requirements) to prepare for the PMP.  There is not just one road to follow.  Although I probably spent too much money and studied too much, basically taking the long way, I did accomplish what I set out to do on the first try.  Here is what worked for me and the money, time, and resources I invested:



*PMBOK:  $0.00 (included in PMI membership, retail $65.95)
*Applying the Fundamentals of Project Management (PMI Class):  $500.00
*PMP Exam Prep Book 7th Edition (RMC Project Management):  $89.15
*PMP Exam Prep Audio Book 7th Edition (RMC Project Management):  $45.35
*PMP Exam Formula Study Guide (OSP International LLC):  $19.97
*The Project Management PrepCast (OSP International LLC):  $99.00
*PMP Exam eFlashCards (OSP International LLC):  $29.99
*CAPM Test:  $225.00
*PMP Test:  $405.00

SUB-TOTAL:  $1,413.46


*PMI Membership – Individual Membership:  $129.00
*PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Membership:  $35.00

SUB-TOTAL:  $164.00

TOTAL:  $1,577.46



Study:  Approximately 400 hours (includes reading, listening to audio, exercises, studying notes, flashcards, other documentation).  Bulk of study between 5:00 AM and 8:00 AM, during commute, during exercise, and on weekends/holidays.


*PMI Webinars – Misc.:  Approximately 6 hours
*Monthly PMI Meetings:  Approximately 5 hours

TOTAL:  410 hours

Other Resources Utilized:

*iPod Nano 6G – Used for Exam Prep Audio Book 7th Edition
*iPod Classic 120 GB – Used for The Project Management PrepCast & PMP Exam eFlashCards (screen display is better than Nano for these)
*PC Windows – Used to view for The Project Management PrepCast via iTunes
*PC Ubuntu – Used to view for The Project Management PrepCast via gPodder
*Exam Central – http://www.examcentral.net/

I found the exam to be as challenging, tricky, and thorough as I had heard it would be.  After 3.5 hours of testing I felt pretty good about my potential results during the 30 – 60 seconds (or what seemed like hours) between completing the exam and getting the results.

Good luck!


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